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Sadly she passed away a few days ago but I am so glad you aren't like some of the crazy anti abortion people I have come Across..

I’m so sorry to hear that. And me too. I try very hard to have an open mind and look at all possible situations and angles. Some may not believe it, but I do try to put myself in other’s shoes and see things from their perspective. :)

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There's this couple in my hometown of Australia who gave birth to this boy who has this terrible disease where he won't live past his 2nd birthday, if someone fell pregnant and doctors picked up that their baby will have these complications does it make someone a bad person to abort that child, as what kind of life would that baby have, to be in pain his whole life until he does at his 2nd birthday

1. Bad choices, don’t mean you are a bad person. It means you made a bad choice. Choosing to end a baby’s life is an extremely bad choice, but again, that doesn’t mean women who have had abortions are bad people.

2. I believe the only time abortion should be an option is when the mother’s life is in immediate danger. The reason being, I am pro-life. That means I want everyone to live in each and every situation. So if the mother’s life was in immediate danger her and the father should decide who lives and who dies.

3. Every human has an innate right to life. Even if a child has a disease and doctors predict he/she won’t live past age 2, that child doesn’t deserve to die. They deserve to live.

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Here is a real scenario for you where abortion was necessary; this girl I know, her sister had been trying to get pregnant for so long, after about 2 years of trying with her husband she finally fell pregnant, about 2 months in she got pains in her legs she got tested and turns out she had very severe cancer that had spread to her whole body, she had to get an abortion because the baby would not survive the amount of chemo and drugs she would have to put her body under. Thoughts?

Again, as I have said many times before. The only scenario in which abortion should be considered is if the mother’s life is in immediate danger, in this case her life was in immediate danger, so abortion should have been an option. I am sorry for their loss, especially since they’d been trying for so long. And I hope the mother is well.

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Do you believe that no matter what the circumstance is abortion is not okay?

The ONLY situation in which abortion should be an option is when the mother’s life is in immediate danger. Then the mother (and father) should be able to choose who lives and who dies.

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abortion of a fetus that has no capability to have any feelings is not murder. a school shooting that kills children is murder. Australia hasn't had a school shooting since they've strengthened gun control. let's focus on the real issues here. it's a woman's choice whether or not she is able to bring a child into this world, and many women don't want to for fear of the child growing up and being shot.

Murder is a human being deliberately and premeditatedly killing another human being, which is exactly what abortion is. Is isn’t a woman’s choice to decide whether she can kill her baby. The baby is already alive and growing, nobody should be able to kill him/her. And really? Did you really just try to justify abortion by saying mothers should kill their babies because they are afraid of them being…. killed by a shooting? Sorry, I’m not getting your logic on that one, anon.

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Well, actually, feminism even in its early incarnations was pretty damn sexist and unsupportable (by rational people anyway). It was an evil that sometimes managed to pull out a good for society (such as the great advances in science made by the third Reich.) For examples of the evils of early feminism, youtube search Karen Straughan detroit. It should be the first hit.

Well, early feminism in the USA is what I consider to be the Women’s Rights Movement… which wasn’t evil or bad. But eventually after women get their rights, feminists still feel the need to rant and rave about how they are unequal… even though gender equality is enforced in the USA.

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Respectfully, I believe feminism is called feminism and not equality because women are below men and feminism is that extra push to make us equal. That's just my view, and I can truthfully say that most feminists do want equality, not to become the superior gender. That's all.

Most feminists do want equality… I agree, but in America, we have equality. And even though most feminists want equality, the misandrists claiming to be feminists are louder and more prominent… they have changed the feminism movement. Feminism is not what is used to be… it is too corrupt. In countries that don’t have gender equality like the USA, thy need a Women’s Rights Movement, not Feminism.

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Hey I just followed you because I like to debate and you're a pretty respectful person, that's all.

Thanks, I like to debate as well.

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You're error is thinking all woman and all men are the same....Men can be submissive and woman can be domineering.
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Wow…seriously? It says in the Bible that men are supposed to be the head of the house and women are submissive to their husbands.


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Calling all feminists:


Hey guess what?!
If you have consensual sex with someone you can at any point say “no”! If they don’t stop after that, it IS rape.
If you want to stop and don’t let your partner know, then it is NOT rape! :D
Facts are fun!!!